Building a Sustainable Winning Team!

Building a winning organization or a championship team is not simply adding the “best player available” and what exactly does “best player available” even mean? My guess is that the definition of “best player available” means something different to any person you ask. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and even Mike Mayock will often use the term best player available when talking about athletes that are available for team acquisition during the NFL Draft. During the NFL Draft each of the “experts” will have their own list and rankings of the players that they have deemed the best players available and have ranked them according to their best guess. The funny thing is that the experts don’t always agree with each other about which athlete is the best available at any given slot. While the definition for “Best Player Available” can easily be defined as the highest ranking player based on a previous analysis of all currently available athletes, it is still subjective to the person who did the analysis and ranking.

Here is the big question, do NFL football teams have a carefully designed structure that they are using to incrementally build a winning franchise? 

Here is the problem, NFL teams are trying to win on the football field by providing coaches, and general managers with computer based analysis that lacks structure, meaning and traceability to the vision of the franchise. The analysis cannot be a week to week analysis that is always changing based on variables that you have no control over. If an NFL team wants to win on the football field then they need to start preparing like the Army prepares soldiers to deploy to the battlefield. 

The secret sauce is an architecture, and I believe that NFL teams need to develop what we call in the Army an “Executable Architecture”.

My “Keys to the Game” requires a lot of work but the return on investment would be huge and provide a repeatable process to ensure continued winning trends. NFL teams need to start building an architecture that would document the emerging capabilities and trends developing in college football. They need to document their own trends, capabilities, and processes. They need to build a vision for the team, document the required capabilities to achieve that vision and start to link it all together in a complete executable architecture. This can be accomplished by breaking down the team architecture into 4 unique views. These views will be DM2 (Department of Defense Meta Model) compliant and capture the necessary data to produce the analysis and artifacts required to create a successful yet sustainable process of self evaluation and player acquisition.


  • 7 Operational Views that would be a description of the tasks and activities, operational elements, and the information required to accomplish the franchise vision
  • 11 Player Views that would be a descriptions of the unique requirements of the organization such as the “Position Specifics”, “Player Parameters”, “Critical Factors”, and the interconnections required to perform the functions of your playbook.
  • 2 Policy Views which are the minimal set of rules governing the arrangement, interaction, and interdependence of the elements that make up the player view parts or elements
  • 1 All View which describes the overarching aspects of the architecture and relates to all of the views. Basically the AV will define the methodology for how the GM/decision maker wants to build their franchise and the elements required of it based completely 100% on the vision cast by that decision maker with no outside distractors or influences.

This may sound complicated but in all honesty it’s pretty easy to understand because all your doing is breaking down your franchise and the emerging athletes much like you might breakdown video to better understand an opponent. In the Army we call it “AS IS TO BE”. You have to document what you currently have “AS IS”, and where you want “TO BE”, and the architecture views described above is the description of the transition for how you will get from your “AS IS TO BE”. The reason the architecture views are broken down into so many pieces is because there are many moving parts that make up the big picture and to understand the big picture you have to understand the little things. 

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