About Eye-Scout

LogoEye-Scout is a Professional Sports Scouting & advanced software company that specializes in Professional Athletic Evaluations and Business Architecture. Eye-Scout has developed a proprietary process for athletic evaluations that enables professional sports organizations to reduce the character and skill risks associated with acquiring athletic talent. Eye-Scout is not just about “Player Personnel” decisions its about making excellent financial decisions. Your franchise is a business and businesses are supposed to generate revenue.


For many years our CEO Steven Burkett has helped the U.S. Department of Defense identify, and align soldier capability to battlefield requirements that meet strict cost, schedule and performance requirements. Steven has been able to save DoD customers Billions of Dollars in duplicate, redundant, and obsolete capability that would fail missions if deployed to the battlefield.The Eye-Scout service for professional sports franchises is designed to do the exact same thing using the same frameworks and methodologies that have enabled Steven to help the DoD save BILLIONS! 

Our methodology is a repeatable process that identifies what we call a CCV (Cost Capability Value). The CCV is a value percentage based on the cost of a player’s capabilities and their ability to perform the mission requirements of your playbook. When calculating the CCV we take in to consideration multiple data points that are fully laid out in our architecture and will align with the salary cap requirements the same way the DoD stays on budget for their fiscal requirements. The idea for your franchise is the same, we want to acquire the best player capability at the best cost and that will give you the best performance.

Our customers can expect to see a 10-15% reduction on failed player acquisitions the first year and 25-35% the second year with higher numbers expected in follow on years. Your franchise is a business designed to make money not spend money and our process helps our customers to make money by providing that cost capability analysis so that key decision makers have the skill, character, and cost information to make good strategic and financial decisions when procuring player capability.

Would your organization like to improve revenue while improving its winning percentage?