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Eye-Scout Professional Services provides U.S. Military Trained Capability Architects deployed to our customer sites to do player capability based assessments and build a baseline capability architecture using our Winning Eye-Scout Patented Methodology!

Capability Based Assessments enable our customers to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s operating environments. The capabilities-based assessment (CBA) is the intellectual foundation upon which Eye-Scout executes its Player Capability Development mission for our customers. Each CBA we conduct at Eye-Scout underpins decisions by senior leadership and decision makers that directly impacts the performance of the athletes in their organization.

This process is not theory, nor is it rocket science that requires a PhD to understand. It draws from and captures U.S. Army TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) experiences, best practices and lessons learned while conducting numerous CBAs and similar assessments that senior leaders have come to rely upon.

The Eye-Scout CBA is a structured, three-phased process. These phases are the FAA, the FNA, and the FSA. The figure below provides a visual representation of how the three phases fit together and the input and output of each phase. For now, understand that together, they capture the required capabilities (RCs) from conceptual documents, identify the tasks, conditions, and standards related to the execution of selected RCs, and perform an assessment of whether the current athletes can accomplish tasks to standards or whether there are capability gaps. The CBA process assesses potential approaches and provides recommendations to close or mitigate the gaps determined to pose an unacceptable risk to the organization.

A CBA is a process that consists of the FAA, FNA, and FSA. The result of a CBA is a player capability gap analysis that provides a list of player capabilities, tasks, conditions, and standards (T/C/S); a prioritized list of capability gaps; and a prioritized list of potential solutions and approaches to fill the gaps.


The Eye-Scout Technology Platform The Eye-Scout evaluation tool is incorporated into the CBA process and is a Cloud based empirical and subjective data capture scouting tool to ensure that the data being captured and graded has direct traceability to playbook requirements. The Eye-Scout platform provides real-time analysis of weighted criteria to help simplify the identification of athletes that fit our customer needs.

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